About Our Trust

Established in 1972, the Mount Dora Community Trust is a tax-exempt charitable organization created to provide the local community with funding for public educational, charitable or benevolent projects and purposes.

The Trust continues the mission to provide outreach programs to schools, charities and civic causes through the generous actions and financial support of Mount Dora residents and businesses committed to promoting the community’s unity and prosperity.

Would you like to be a part of this important cause? We would greatly appreciate your support! To find out how to help secure a bright and vibrant future for Mount Dora, please click here.

What is the Mount Dora Community Trust? A more accurate question might be “Who?” because the Trust is composed of citizens whose collective goal is to safeguard and advance the community through support for local education, youth sports and activities, and benevolent causes assisting those in need.

These civic-minded individuals and businesses have united to assure a thriving future for our community by performing the following functions:



The First National Bank of Mount Dora oversees the administration and investment of the Trust’s funds. John Pease IV, Senior Vice President and Trust Investment Officer, oversees the investments with Elizabeth “Susie” Pelfrey as the Portfolio Manager; C.E. (Ed) Brooks III is the Senior Trust Advisor at the First National Bank of Mount Dora.



  1. A City of Mount Dora Council-member – our current councilperson is Laurie Tillett;  previous members have included, Vasco Watters, former Mayor, Melissa DeMarco, Glenna Burch, Judy Smathers.
  2. A member of the Board of the Chamber of the Commerce – our present member is Kim Stewart; past representatives have included Betty Hensinger, Barbra Perfecto,  Lou Biron, and William Brooks, III.
  3. A member of the Ministerial Association of Mount Dora – currently serving is Pastor Tom Biery; past members have included Pastor Tom Baker, Chaplain Alan Jones, Reverend Woodleigh Volland, and Jim Keough.
  4. A rotating seat among the local service clubs (Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis) – this seat is now represented by John Stewart of the Kiwanis Club of Mount Dora;  previous seats have been held by James (Jim) Croson of the Rotary Club,  Mary Pezzo of the Lions Club, and Glenna Osborne of Kiwanis.
  5. A member of The First National Bank of Mount Dora’s Board of Directors – our present Director is Sam Sadler III, who replaced “Mr. Mount Dora” himself, Dick Edgerton.

The Trust helps newer organizations, such as, Hoops Scholarship Fund,fulfill their respective missions while providing continuous funding to longtime successes such as The Center for the Arts, The Library Association, and the Mount Dora Area Chamber of Commerce.

Wherever you look in Mount Dora, whether it’s children’s programming, community health issues, artistic projects or educational opportunities, the Mount Dora Community Trust has been a strong and vigilant partner.


How You Can Help

For our partnership with the community to grow even stronger, we need your help. Please remember us in your charitable contributions and your estate planning. We are happy to work with you and/or your attorney, accountant or financial advisor.

One of our previous members said it best: “There is no greater satisfaction than doing something for someone you will never know, and no greater reward than seeing the benefits of your generosity take hold.”

With questions about how you can help promote better education, youth programs and assistance to our community in Mount Dora, please contact Grant and Scholarship Manager Kevin J. Batliner at info@MountDoraCommunityTrust.com.


Thank you for your generous support.