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I was born and raised in Mount Dora. I have a deep love for our town and the amazing people that live in it. After graduating from Mount Dora High School I went on to attend and graduate from Auburn University!

I have been married for 17 years and blessed with 3 sweet children. My photography business, Captured In Time, began in 2009. After losing my amazing mother to cancer I explored starting a business to capture moments for people. You find that those family photos that at the time seemed nothing become so much more important through a loss.

My college degree is in Interior Design but my happiness comes from photography. I have had a love for photography since the days of polaroids and disc cameras. My passion is to capture moments and places in time. I love to capture the innocence of a child and mark another year of growth through a family portrait.

I also have a sweet southern love for majestic oak trees. I turned this love into another branch of my business, Landscape Photography. My inspiration behind my landscape photographs is to preserve Mount Dora’s beautiful oak trees and unique character. I have been so fortunate to have had my creative eye enriched through growing up in a beautiful town, the influence of the sweet town of Auburn, and the cultural beauty of living in Europe for some time and all the cities I was able to visit. All of these sights that I have taken in have helped me to see an artistic beauty in almost everything.

I believe that photographs are the perfect way to capture a moment in time so that when you see it you are instantly brought back. I enjoy preserving the things what time has a way of rushing past.