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Deadline for next Grant Requests - April 9, 2018


Since 1972, the Mount Dora Community Trust has collected funding for local educational, charitable, and benevolent projects and purposes.
The Trust provides outreach programs to schools, charities and civic causes through the generous actions and financial support of Mount Dora residents and businesses committed to promoting our community’s unity and prosperity. Find out how you can help secure a bright and vibrant future for Mount Dora.


There are many ways to support our community that are designed to suit what matters to you.
From general philanthropic funds to specific funds dedicated to an array of community projects such as education, athletics, healthcare, religious outreach, the arts and much more, the Mount Dora Community Trust offers a wide range of donation options that support and advance our community. See a list of available funds or to create your own.


If you work for a charitable organization serving the citizens and interests of Mount Dora, you may be eligible for a grant, scholarship or sponsorship.
We have worked to make the application process as simple and streamlined as possible, while maintaining the high standards of our Trust. We offer comprehensive guidelines and online applications to help you get started. Find out if your organization is eligible and to apply.

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Our Distribution Committee

Left to Right:
Kim Stewart - Chamber of Commerce
Sam Sadler - First National Bank
John Stewart - Kiwanis
Pastor Tom Biery - Ministerial Association
Laurie Tillett - Mount Dora City Council

Our Team

Left to Right:
Sarah Herrick: Executive Assistant
Kevin Batliner: Grant and Scholarship Manager
Phoebe Mello: Trust Officer
Ed Brooks: Senior Trust Advisor