About MDCT:
It’s our 50th Anniversary!! Established in 1972, MDCT is proud to support the many non-profits in our region. This video tells a little about our inception, and highlights the different funds offered.

“The Gifts of Today Make Possible the Dreams of Tomorrow.”

About East Town Community Foundation:
A Field of Interest account established by Reverend Bobby Rowe and Rona Rowe to provide support or funding for The Mount Dora Historic East Town area, residents, businesses, and any other charitable organization that benefits Mount Dora Historic East Town. This fund aims to improve the lives in East Mount Dora, who have been vastly underserved in prior decades.

About M.I.K.E:
M.I.K.E. – Mental Health and Kindness Endowment was created by Mr. Joe Ziler to create a way to assist in the field of mental health, in honor of his brother Mike, who died by suicide. You do matter, and this fund seeks to make sure people remember that.

About Kim Y Stewart Legacy Fund:
Kim Stewart established this legacy fund in honor of her grandparents. They played a significant role in her life and were an inspiration to many. Her fund is a Donor Advised Fund, and she can choose charity projects that align with her personal values during her lifetime. Upon her passing, her fund will continue for as long as Lake County exists, to fund projects that help our community.

About Kelly Bodnaruk Memorial Scholarship Fund:
Kelly Anne Elizabeth Bodnaruk Memorial Scholarship Fund was created from the tragic passing of Kelly during her senior year at Mount Dora High School. Kelly was beloved by many, and her family and classmates got together to sell t-shirts and CDs of her favorite songs called “Kelly’s Greatest Hits,” which created an outpouring of love and support. This scholarship generated enough money to eventually be invested and provide scholarship funds to a student who is full of passion, annually.

Stay tuned for more videos published here in the coming weeks.